Cover of Specimen Infini

The Centre national des arts plastiques is pleased to announce the creation of the Infini typeface by Sandrine Nugue.

Officially launched on 9 April 2015 by the French Minister for Culture and Communication, Ms Fleur Pellerin, the typeface has been made available to all at no cost, as part of the the "Graphisme en France 2014" program.

An original design simultaneously ambitious, contemporary and fun, it is in give and take with how typography has developed through the ages. Offered in roman, italic and bold, Infini draws on Greek epigraphic writing for its sources and key elements. Its pictograms are a play on images and words, and its classic yet modern ligatures reinvent how letters join.   

Infini is at the disposal of experienced graphic designers, who can use it for a wide range of creative work. It is also for the general public, which may experiment with the new typeface for writing or to play with its graphic dimension; it may explore it as a learning experience by inviting, for example, young children to use it, or it may dream up new artistic or poetic realms for exploration.

For the Centre national des arts plastiques, this commission is to foster awareness of the typeface designer's field ; people are exposed every day to a great variety of designed typefaces without knowing how much skill and know-how is needed to go into the profession.

A 48-pages specimen booklet of Infini has been published. It contains a text by Sébastien Morlighem, a historian, teacher and researcher specialised in the history of typography. A dedicated website, where Infini may be downloaded at no cost, also permits discovery of all the typeface's possibilities.

A very great deal of research and extensive fine-tuning goes into the creation of a typeface design. Sandrine Nugue’s notebooks, sketches and studies as well as her source files are now fully part of the Centre national des arts plastiques collection.

This project manifests the institution’s interest in contemporary typeface design, definitively and lastingly giving Infini its place in history.

Biography of Sandrine Nugue
Sandrine Nugue was born in 1985. After studies at the École supérieure des arts et industries graphiques (École Estienne) and the École supérieure des arts décoratifs de Strasbourg, she decided to specialise in font design and entered the post-graduate “Typography and Language” programme at the Amiens École supérieure d’art et de design. She graduated in February 2013, and since then has worked with font designers and as a freelance graphic designer.

Using Infini
The Infini typeface may be used freely, for both private and professional purposes, under Creative Commons licence. It is nevertheless requested that the author’s name be mentioned in connection with public or commercial use.

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